MIPOA (Masons’s Island Property Owners Association) is incorporated under the laws of the State of Connecticut and is a voluntary membership organization of property owners within the Masons Island Fire District (MIFD).  All property owners are eligible and encouraged to become members of MIPOA and pay nominal annual dues for their fair share of liability insurance for the roads (MIPOA owns them to maintain the privacy of the roads within MIFD but has no taxing authority) and other administrative and communications expenses.

MIPOA maintains a list of email and/or U.S. mail addresses for all property owners to provide informational messages and announcements as appropriate.  All members in good standing (i.e., whose dues have been paid) will receive MIPOA communications and are eligible to vote at annual and special meetings, which they are encouraged to attend. Note that multiple owners of a property and owners of multiple properties are entitled to only one vote.

MIPOA has four committees: Architectural Review, Property Maintenance, Newsletter, and Welcome.