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Purpose of Mason’s Island Property Owners Association

MIPOA is incorporated under the laws of the State of Connecticut and is a voluntary membership organization of property owners within the District.  To maintain the privacy of the roads on Mason’s Island, MIPOA owns the roads.  All property owners are eligible and are encouraged to become members of MIPOA and pay their fair share.  To become a member, annual dues must be paid to the Treasurer of MIPOA.  

MIPOA has four committees: the Architectural Review Committee, Property Maintenance Committee, Newsletter Committee, and Welcome Committee (distributing to new property owners useful information concerning Mason's Island).

MIPOA owns property and roads, and has other limited purposes, but has no taxing powers.  

MIPOA maintains an email list of all property owners (who wish to share their email addresses) and sends out informational emails as appropriate.   
All members in good standing (i.e., whose dues have been paid) are eligible to vote at annual and special meetings and are encouraged to attend.  Multiple owners of a property are entitled to only one vote and owners of multiple properties have only one vote at annual and special meetings.

MIPOA Bylaws:

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