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Mason's Island Company and Other Links

Mason’s Island Company
The Company is a family owned real estate development company and is the owner of most undeveloped property within the District.  It also owns the Ice Pond, recreation areas and certain beaches and docks.  The use of these facilities has been deeded to most property owners.

Mason’s Island Yacht Club
The Mason's Island Yacht Club (MIYC) is located on the southeastern end of Masons Island.  Founded in 1928, MIYC is a private family oriented club that provides social and athletic events for its members and guests. Athletics include instructional and competitive programs in sailing, swimming, tennis, and bocce. 

Most MIYC programs are held in the summer months but the Club is open throughout the year.

Please obey the stop signs at each entrance to the property and watch for children at all times.

Membership in MIYC is by sponsorship.  All property owners within the boundaries of the Club are eligible for Active membership or summer privilege.  July, August, or full Summer Privilege memberships are available to immediate family members

Town of Stonington
The resource for all the information about the town of Stonington: History, Emergency Management, Town Departments, Boards and Commissions, Elected Officials, Meeting Calendar, Police Department.

Enders Island

St. Edmunds’s Retreat is located on Enders Island which is connected to Mason’s Island by a short causeway south of MIYC.   The Edmundite Brothers have the deeded right to operate a retreat for priests and novitiates on Enders Island, although they have expanded their efforts to include certain substance abuse programs.      Residents of Mason’s Island are invited to enjoy the grounds of Enders Island.


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